Through our juice cleanses, we aim to make you look and feel better. When the late nights, stressful workload, endless travel and unhealthy eating habits are starting to catch up with you, we’re here to offer a helping hand

What is a VIBE Juice Cleanse?

// VIBE cleanses are freshly cold-pressed, consciously sourced juices, designed by nutrition experts. They have been mindfully created to include a special blend of medicinal and healing properties.

//  Our juices are made with a hydraulic press designed in the USA, and retain the plants life force including essential nutrients, minerals and enzymes up to five times more than a regular juicer. Plus, our juices oxidize slower, meaning you are extracting the maximum nutritional benefit from each drop.

//  We only use organic or chemical free ingredients and all of our juices are raw and unpasteurized. For us, drinking juice that isn’t chemical free or organic just doesn’t make sense as the pesticides would be harmful to your body.

//  We also care about the environment and wildlife so all of our juices are packed in reusable glass bottles. You can reuse them time and time again, plus unlike plastic bottles are not omitting unstable chemicals to your juice.

How does it work?

1. Complete the online order form HERE or visit our store today to confirm the start date of your cleanse.  All juice cleanses must be booked for 24 hour in advance.

2. You will receive six freshly prepared cold-pressed juices for each day of your cleanse for you to collect daily. We do not give more than one days juice at a time to ensure the freshness of our juices.

3. All juices need to be stored in the refrigerator at all times. If you are travelling with the juices, we strongly recommend storing them in a cool box with ice.

4. Our cleanses are designed to be consumed without food.

Which Cleanse do we offer? THE COST

Our Signature Cleanse combines pure whole fruit and vegetables and healing spices. No. DAYS        10oz       16oz

Each day, you will receive the following six juices. 1 DAY    $24  $35

// Kale. cucumber. spinach. apple. parsley. lemon. 3 DAYS     $65   $98

// Orange. pineapple. carrot. turmeric. aloe vera. 5 DAYS  $110     $165

// Spinach. cucumber. romaine. celery. pineapple. mint. lemon. 7 DAYS  $155  $232

// Beetroot. pomegranate. carrot. apple. ginger. lime.

// Activated charcoal. coconut water. ginger. lemon. cayenne pepper.

// Cashew. date. himalayan salt. vanilla bean. Ayurvedic spices.

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Tips on how to get the most out of your cleanse

1. To fully prepare for your cleanse, we recommend eliminating all meat, dairy, processed foods, sugar, alcohol and caffeine for at least three days before your cleanse.

2. Increase filtered water intake to at least two litres per day before your cleanse to begin to flush out toxins from the body.

3. We recommend only consuming the juices provided each day. This means restricting any food intake. You may drink herbal tea and ensure you continue to drink plenty of filtered water.

4. Consume the juices in two hour increments, completing the last juice no later than 19:00hrs.

5. Store all juices in a refrigerator. As our juices are freshly pressed, they will spoil if they are not kept cool.

6. We are taking care of your insides, so you may want to assist cleansing your outside with body brushing, tongue scraping, massage and quiet time.