noun: informal
a person’s emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others.


Our Philosophy

Good Vibes. All Day. Everyday.

At VIBE we like to keep it simple which is why we focus on those things that matter most to us - good food and good vibes. We believe food should be an experience, always vibrant, truly nourishing, made from plant-based ingredients which have been consciously and ethically sourced. More than a café, we create a space where people can recharge and restore both inside and out. We give people a chance to experience what a healthy lifestyle looks, feels and tastes like.

We challenge the status quo. We’re making healthy, plant-based dining part of popular food culture and accessible to everyone. Plant-based eating is the future and we want to create the best possible version of this through VIBE cafes.

Going back to basics doesn’t need to feel basic. Adopting a more natural way of eating and living is a transformational experience. Honouring what we put in our body and what we take from the planet raises the positive vibrations for all.

More than a café, VIBE shows you a way of life filled with balance, harmony, kindness and compassion.

Our approach to design encourages human connection and fuels the feeling of community and safety. We rise together by lifting others.

VIBE is not just for vegans, it's for the foodie who wants creative, vibrant and nourishing food using high quality ingredients and who cares for their body and environment.


Our Food Ethos

Natural food, just as mother nature intended.


Food doesn’t just fuel our body, it impacts how we feel throughout the day. What we eat affects our digestive health, skin, energy levels but also our emotional body, our mood and motivation. We wanted a café concept which embraced, wholeheartedly, the powerful connection between mind and body. Our plant based recipes are specifically designed using honest ingredients to extract the maximum nutritional value. We wanted to avoid faux health foods like tofu and focus instead on whole foods we know are nutrient-rich and good for your mind and body, following the 'earth to table' philosophy and including superfoods and adaptogens in our food and drink. At VIBE we believe eating a plant based diet is the optimal way to nourish and care for the body and mind.


We embody the 'from scratch' way of cooking, meaning as much as possible is made from scratch in our kitchens, this includes our dressings, sauces, milks, cheeses, nut butters, pickles, pesto, jams, infusions, tea blends and more. The only things we don't make ourselves are our bread and kombucha. No artificial preservatives are used in the making of our food.

Our plant-based chef’s work hard to ensure we extract the maximum nutritional value from all our recipes ~ from soaking, activating and fermenting ~ we do our best to get the most from every single ingredient.


We are obsessed about where our produce comes from and we work directly with local farmers, ethical suppliers; primarily organic and chemical free to ensure we have the highest quality food we can.





Vibe is the collaborative effort of many people who work passionately everyday to make VIBE what it is. Our team is a multi-cultural, drawing on the expertise of specialists in plant-based cuisine.


EMMA // Founder

Emma's passion lies in creating vibrant food from the abundance of the earth, infusing it with adaptogens and traditional herbs for optimal health. She is affectionally known as the Mother of VIBE and believes in ethical business and is the driving force behind The Good Vibe Foundation, Backyard Cafe in Phnom Penh and the VIBE franchise.


JAY // Operations

After working for many years in the UK, Jay has been with us in Asia since the beginning of Vibe. You will see him around the cafes with his infectious laugh.


CAROLINA // Executive Chef

Internationally travelled chef, Carolina perfected her craft in plant-based and raw cooking and now creates our new recipes for VIBE. She is an advocate of using the best ingredients she can find and works in harmony with nature to produce healing food that is nutritionally vibrant and delicious.


HIES // Head Chef, Siem Reap

Our artist in the kitchen, Hies uses his sweet nature and determination to make the food day in, day out at our Siem Reap branch.


RASKAMY // Head Barista, Phnom Penh

Leading the way for all of our coffees, smoothies and cold-pressed juices, Raskamy has also been with us since the very beginning. You can find her drawing cute animal latte art in our Phnom Penh branch.


LATY // Manager, Phnom Penh

Laty leads the team in Phnom Penh and is the one making sure our customers are having a great experience.